Continuing to Grow in Recovery

Recovery isn’t as simple as just getting drugs and alcohol out of our system. When we get clean, we need to find ways to continue to grow. From finding a therapist to having fun in recovery, there are things we can do to continue in our journey toward a healthy and sober life.

Spiritual Progress

One thing we can do is seek to make spiritual progress. Whether this is listening to guided meditations, going to yoga, attending twelve-step meetings, or something else, we can find a way to always progress spiritually. Even if you’re an atheist, you may be able to find ways to nurture yourself emotionally. There are ways we can take care of ourselves, investigate ourselves and our experience, and cultivate wholesome qualities in ourselves. Maybe it is simply being of service to people around you in some way!

friendship in recoveryFinding a Community

Community is incredibly important in recovery. There has been quite a bit of research to suggest social connection can benefit mental health, and this applies to people in recovery! Maybe you have a community with a twelve-step program or support group. Maybe you can find a sense of connection with family. If you find yourself without much social connection, try putting yourself out there a bit. Find a meetup group, go to an event, or simply spend more time outside the home and interacting with other human beings. Finding a community in recovery can serve us in many ways and is a great thing to have!

Having Fun in Recovery

When we get sober, we may have a hard time experiencing joy or finding ways to have fun. This is common when quitting weed, opioids, and benzodiazepines. Many people go through this, and it can be quite difficult and uncomfortable. Without drugs and alcohol, we may not know what to do to have fun. The only way to find it is to investigate for ourselves what is healthy and useful. We can try doing things alone or with other people. Maybe having fun means getting outside and going on a hike, or maybe it is something more relaxing like having a movie night or starting a book club. There’s no right or wrong answer. Find what works for you to enjoy life without the stimulation of drugs and alcohol!

Personal Growth

Finally, we can find ways to grow personally. This may be some therapy, nutrition, or returning to school. There are so many ways we can personally grow, and it can be helpful to not remain stagnant in life with our recovery. We don’t need to overwhelm ourselves by doing too many things at once. Take baby steps. Try to eat a little healthier, read a self-help book, or try learning something new. When we take it one step at a time, the growth happens slowly and in a sustainable way.

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