Sober and Alcohol Free Vacations

Sober and Alcohol Free Vacations

If you’re like me, sobriety doesn’t mean you don’t like having fun! Going on vacation can be rough for some of us, as we’re accustomed to vacations centered on drinking and using. In addition, many vacation spots are party atmospheres. Bars are full, people are loud and drunk, and it can be triggering.

However, there is a real upside to traveling sober. One of the benefits of quitting smoking marijuana is an increase in energy and attention. Quitting alcohol can bring newfound energy as well. When we get clean, we have the opportunity to engage with the world in a new way. We can go on vacation and fully experience it, not building our days around our desire to use drugs or alcohol. Here are a few ideas for sober and alcohol free vacations you may try.

alcohol free vacationsChill Out

One thing you can do is take a vacation that is incredibly relaxing. Instead of going to an area all about partying, go somewhere known for being calm. Instead of traveling to Las Vegas, Cabo, or Cancun, take a trip to Sedona, a small beach town, or a quiet spot in the mountains. When using, we so often choose vacations where we can party or use drugs how we want. Instead, choose a location where you can chill out.

Whether you want to spend a lot of money on a private sailing charter like Tehiya or go spend a few days in a cabin in the woods, you can make relaxing a priority. Relaxing vacations can be difficult as we like to be stimulated, but it can be a powerful gift. Our nervous systems can relax, and we return feeling rejuvenated in our life and recovery.

Sober Vacations

There are also tons of options for sober vacations offered by organizations promoting clean and sober fun. There’s a group called Sober Vacations International that organizes trips to Turks and Caicos, Mexico, and more. There’s Travel Sober, offering vacations to Greece, Bermuda, and cruises across the world.

Taking a vacation with these organizations can be a great way to go if you are financially able to do so. They create a healthy atmosphere conducive to having fun without drugs and alcohol. With dozens of other sober people to join you, you can have the opportunity to make new connections, learn how to enjoy yourself with a clear mind, and see some amazing places. You can go alone or bring a friend along!

Conferences and Retreats

Conferences always make for a great vacation. There are twelve-step conferences across the world, and you can go travel to a new place to attend a conference. Some of the bigger ones have thousands of people. You’re bound to find amazing speakers, a strong community of people in recovery, and a whole lot of fun. From huge speaker meetings to sober dances, conferences offer a great vacation idea for those in recovery.

There are also retreats you can attend. Whether it’s a sober retreat or a spiritual retreat, these offer a getaway filled with growth, insight, and wisdom. Going on a retreat focused on growth will give you a break from the chaos of everyday life and the opportunity to really dive into deep personal work.

Community Sober Travels

Finally, get a community together to go have sober fun yourself! We’ve done this in our own lives many times. We’ve gone to Zion National Park, traveled to New York, gone camping close to home, and rented a house in Ojai for a weekend. You can find a group of sober people willing to split costs and make this a pretty cost-effective vacation. There are many ways to take affordable vacations, and you can get a group of people together in recovery to take the vacation with support and understanding.

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