Our Mission

ATLAS HOUSE provides a safe, structured, nurturing environment where each individual’s unique story and personal needs are recognized and supported. ATLAS HOUSE provides a caring community based on the principles of honesty, accountability and a connection to nature. We know everyone’s path is different, which is why instead of taking a “one size fits all” approach to sobriety, we listen to the individual and support a plan that ensures the greatest chance of success. A new way of living is possible–it’s just a matter of recognizing the philosophy that is right for you, and putting those methods into your daily practice. Located near the freeway, UCLA, Santa Monica, and Brentwood, ATLAS HOUSE offers everything you need to stay sober. Through daily house check-in meetings, structured group outdoor activities including surfing, hiking, camping and biking, multiple weekly sobriety meetings, random and frequent drug testing and one-on-one accountability with onsite staff, you will have all the tools to start the journey to a happy, productive and sober life. Let ATLAS HOUSE be your first step on the path to a better future. Learn More

    Listen to Atlas House Sober Living founder, Dave Miller, speak about his experience with recovery, and what his mission is here at Atlas.